It is around six in the morning and everyone is ready for the morning run. “1-1 yee, 2-2yee, 3-3yee, 4-4yee, 5-5yeee, 6-6yee…..” could be echoed in the mountainous terrains of Inyanga, as the team warms up for the run. The running begins; some are already tired, and they remain behind. One would think that they have stopped and returned to bed, but NO. We are a team and we are in it together, therefore we pull each other to the finishing line. We finish, TOGETHER.

Food. Best and worst. Anyway, that is news for another day. For today, focus is on its preparation. Every hand prepares food, every mouth does justice to it, and everyone appreciates the effort. All this happens because we are in charge of what we eat as a team, TOGETHER.

Everyone is everyone’s keeper. We care for each other, we look after each other, we laugh together, learn together, everything TOGETHER.

Talking of learning, this cannot pass unmentioned: “One man’s (or woman’s, yeah woman’s) urine cannot make a river”. Lesson grasped!

TOGETHER. This the best word that can describe the NCC. Appreciation of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and working together to fill in the gaps. Every member contributes that ‘urine’ steering the formulation of the ‘river’.

Teamwork is TOGETHERness.

This is one of the important aspects in student leadership in sexual and reproductive health. The time spent in Inyanga was just enough to make one reflect on the merits of teamwork and its significance in leadership. The true sense of leadership is to appreciate everyone’s energy and stick together in fighting for the same cause, and on this case, it is the sexual and reproductive health of young people in tertiary institutions.

Togetherness is an integral part of leadership, particularly in the NCC. The current, and future leadership should strive to maintain this and achieve greater heights by appreciating the fundamentality of teamwork. Individuals do not generate enough energy as a team.

We have enough power to change whatever we want to be changed and we can do that by working together. A determined team is capable of bringing people together and changing the norm by channelling the momentum to empower and improve the lives of students and young people.

Young people do not need validation and consent to do what is right. It is in the choices that we make that yield results that we are all looking for. If we all invest our energy and resources into nation building and grow to respect the people around us and ourselves, we can manage to transform the communities and create other responsible young leaders. We need to contribute proactively to all advocacy processes concerning SRH, from individual to continental levels. We are powerful, TOGETHER.

An American author Dan Millman once said; “The secret to change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but building the new.” Let us all ask ourselves what is important and have the courage to build a future based on our solutions, TOGETHER.

Aaaah! And the late nights around the fire were just perfect.


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