Your background is not your future.

We do not have time to mourn our backgrounds in the 24 hours that we have per day. Its time to reflect on success stories that we have and embrace a brighter tomorrow. Mind you, I am not saying forget your background, but do not waste time crying over it, blaming this and that, letting it determine your future. If we do not leave the past in the past, it will destroy our future. Wake up friend!

All great people or leaders that we are admiring in this era are the people who did not allow their backgrounds determine their full potential in life. They walked out of their backgrounds but carried with them lessons learnt in those past life events. They shaped their destinies and built their legacies to correct the ugly backgrounds. Oprah Winfrey who I relate to is an example of people who have overcome adverse circumstances. She is a survivor of rape, became pregnant as a teenager and lived in utmost poverty, but did not let that determine her life… who cannot celebrate her success. No one I guess.

Now it is time to wake up from the pain of our past and self-pity, work arduously to better ourselves and leave a legacy behind that will catalyse the betterment of someone else. I believe all we want is a better world and we can only achieve that if only we have active leaders who believe in themselves being the vehicles for change, a change we can all celebrate, a change that can help someone write his or her own success story. Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away.

This is why I believe that the advancement of sexual and reproductive health of young people needs leaders who are able to overcome their own personal challenges to inspire others. Having an attitude that sees beyond obstacles and stumbling blocks is a key part of leadership. A leader with a positive attitude to transform the negative situations in their lives will be able to inspire other young people to do the same particularly with regards to their sexual and reproductive health.


Esinathy Sibanda

Your background is not your future.

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