She Deserves

She Deserves!!

She was taught at a very infant age

That submission is her middle name and respect should be her daily bread

She was taught that she should keep her head down

That she should never allow the world to know what is happening

‘A real woman covers her nakedness and never exposes her ailments’ they said

She was taught that persistence and perseverance are shoes that should always wear no matter how big or small they feel

She carries the burden of the family on her shoulders

She is not allowed to speak out, ‘it’s disrespectful to share her concerns’ they hammer on

It’s okay for him to lay hands on her, they told her

A real woman will never leave, she will soldier on, quitting is a sign of cowardice

With all the bruises and blood to show for her sweat

It is okay for her to be molested, physically and emotionally assaulted because he owns her

He is the man isn’t he?

Those are the words her mother whispered and engraved in her heart, that her grandmother had told her and her great grandmother had followed too

They said a real woman will not succumb to the heat, will never allow the world to know

Her place is the kitchen and the bedroom, she has no place anywhere that should offer her an audience

But being a woman means a lot than that

It is a strength that makes her stay not weakness

She deserves to be adored not turned into a punching bag

She deserves to be treated like a Queen that she is

When her silence becomes intoxicating, speak on her behalf

Lift her up, polish her crown and place it back

Let her reclaim and rejuvenate her worth


Because She Deserves

[article written in commemoration of International Women’s Day]

By Melody Rupiya

Great Zimbabwe University

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