Theme: ‘A Zimbabwe we want for our children today and beyond’ Celebrating the African Charter on Rights and Welfare of the Child @30

Date: 25-27 November 2020

Venue: King Solomon Hotel, Kwekwe


The Child Rights Coalition of Zimbabwe will today host its Annual Child Rights Conference in the Midlands province. The 30th Annual Child Rights Conference will be held in Kwekwe, at King Solomon Hotel from the 25th to the 27th of November 2020.

The Annual Child Rights Conference will be running under the theme: A Zimbabwe we want for our children today and beyond.

The Child Rights Coalition is a team dedicated in safeguarding, support provision, service provisions and interventions that ensures that the child is not subject to violations of child rights including but not limited to harmful practices, marginalization, neglect, sexual assault, lack of identity, child labour, child and forced marriages amongst others.

In the conference, partners will reflect and take stock of the status of child rights in the country, an opportunity to show the progress made in regards to the implementation of child rights since the ratification of the African Charter in 1995.

The conference comes to address the identified challenges of the Child Rights Coalition in the year 2020, sharing on the state of child rights in Zimbabwe and discuss on interventions that will ensure the fulfilment and enjoyment of these rights by all children in Zimbabwe. In this regard, children are at the heart of the forth coming future, a future that has strong structures derived from initiatives like these ones.  

In attendance will be the Hon. Speaker of the National Assembly, Chairpersons of Parliament Portfolio Committees as well as relevant Ministry representatives. Policy makers will be expected to make pledges to demonstrate the level of promise and commitment. In this way, the Coalition members can have a starting point for follow-ups in the hope that children’s right become a priority and are promoted in the national discourse and development agenda. The conference will be as conversant as possible, with children bringing their issues to the fore in the form of role plays, poems, music and speeches.

“Together today, a safer and better future for the Children Zimbabwean.”

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