The Students and Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) joins the world in commemorating the World Health Day, a day which marks the inception of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1948, making this year`s commemoration its 73rd anniversary aimed at creating health awareness across the globe.

World Health Day is a day set to recognise action taken thus far in the elimination of health inequalities and the realisation that attainable health standard is one of the fundamental rights of every human being without distinction of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.

Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone’ isthis year`s World Health Day theme. For SAYWHAT, It means having a fairer and healthier world where each and everyone has access to quality healthcare services irrespective of their socio-economic conditions.

The World Health Day comes at a time when the world is battling with the COVID19 pandemic which hasundercut recent health gains, pushed more people into poverty and food insecurity, and amplified gender, social and health inequities. Adolescents and youths haven’t been spared but are equally affected academically, socially, economically with access to Sexual Reproductive Health being a challenge to many, thus their health being compromised.

The World Health Day acts a reminder that there is need to have a uniform and equitable distribution of affordable healthcare services to all sections of the society. Preventive healthcare is the best one can do to build a healthier society.

As we build better to an assertive generation, SAYWHAT wouldn’t want to leave any adolescent and youth behind but rather glide on informed health choices, leading a healthy lifestyle amongst youths. In ensuring this, young people should be capacitated with life skills that will trigger high health seeking behaviour. In this regard, there is a need for public and private sector entities to collaborate and supplement the efforts of having youth friendly service provisions so that adolescents and youths are not left out.

The responsibility of educating the public about the importance of healthy nutrition lies both with healthcare workers as well as the government, thus SAYWHAT calls upon the government, organisations, company leaders to ensure that everyone has living and working conditions that are conducive to good health so that building to a fairer and healthier world is a reality for all.

A health society is possible, have a joyful heart, its good medicine. As we celebrate this day, it is possible that we can learn optimism by practicing stress management techniques, meditating and surrounding self with upbeat people.

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