SAYWHAT supports students infected by COVID-19

Together in the pandemic, we stand strong with students.

The Students and Youth Working on Reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) has started rolling out provision of COVID-19 relief packages to students in tertiary institutions. Relief packages are being provided to students affected by and infected with COVID-19. This support comes at a time when Zimbabwe is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases as part of the “third wave” of the epidemic that did not spare the students.

SAYWHAT envisions a generation of healthy young people. For SAYWHAT, a healthy generation is that which will graduate alive, assertive and with a vast skills set acquired while they are in college. In pursuit of its vision, SAYWHAT has donated COVID-19 relief packages to students who have been infected with COVID-19 at Bondolfi Teachers College, Mogenster Teachers College, Kwekwe Polytechnic, Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic, Mutare Teachers College, Madziva Teachers College and Midlands State University. Packages included surgical masks, washable masks, hand sanitizers and Medicinal Drugs.

Infected students, have been placed in isolation centres located in their institutions as part of infection control mechanisms by the respective institutions. SAYWHAT will continue to support initiatives aimed at ensuring that students attain healthy lifestyles regardless of whether they are directly infected with or affected by COVID-19. The organisation continues to encourage institutions to invest in prioritising the mental health of students. Provision of psycho-social support will ensure that students remain emotionally and psychologically well.

SAYWHAT also continues to encourage students and youths to get vaccinated, continue observing health protocols regarding infection control. This will be critical in reducing the spread of infections.

In such trying times, SAYWHAT will extend a helping hand and reach out where it can. It is important to seek medical attention once you start experiencing COVID-19 symptoms. SAYWHAT calls for like-minded stakeholders and partners to partake in the support of students that need our help the most.

Together we can do more!

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