Action for Choice (A4C) project-is supported by the Swedish Embassy in Zimbabwe. SAYWHAT is currently implementing phase two of the A4C project following the successfully implementation of the A4C project phase one from 2018 to 2021.


The phase two project is running from 2021 to 2024. Under this project various interventions and activities are being implemented countrywide through the provincial structures planted at higher learning institutions. SAYWHAT continues to write its own story at higher learning institutions vis-à-vis sexual and reproductive health rights advocacy work and information dissemination to keep its stakeholders abreast.



Strengthening of young people’s access to SRHR and GBV information

This intervention seeks to address information inequalities where young people have limited or no access to high quality SRH and GBV information. This challenge is mostly affecting young people in peri-urban and rural communities who have no access to digital spaces and are currently not being served by traditional information service providers due to the impact of COVID-19. SRH and GBV information provision are the primary focus of the A4C phase two.

Increasing access and utilisation of SRH and gender responsive services by young people

This intervention seeks to address one of the main problems identified under A4C2 that young people are still experiencing limited access to youth friendly and high quality SRH and GBV services. This intervention is based on the assumption that when young people access SRH and GBV information, they are more likely to look for SRH/GBV services than not.

Increasing young people’s participation and representation in SRH and GBV advocacy

Under this objective SAYWHAT seeks to improve young people’s skills and capacities so that they are able to meaningfully participate in SRH and GBV advocacy discourses at national and regional stages. This problem is linked to the absence of spaces and platforms which are genuinely owned by young people to advance the SRH and GBV agenda on behalf of and with their peers.