We are delighted to present to you the Advisory board for the Students And Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT).


The SAB directs and assists in the formulation of the organization’s strategy and policies. It supports fundraising efforts and offers senior staff oversight. Additionally, it supports the student-led leadership team (the National Coordinating Committee) NCC as well as the organization’s technical and professional arm (the Secretariat). SAB functions are classified into two primary categories which are advisory and oversight.

Benevolence Taguta

Board Chairperson

Background / Expertise:

She is a Registered Legal Practitioner with over ten years of practical experience in Human Rights, Anti-Corruption Governance and Development Program design and implementation.

Abel Blessing Matsika, PhD

Co-Vice Board Chairperson

Background / Expertise:

He is a qualified social worker registered with the Zimbabwe Council for Social Workers.

George Matsikarima


Background / Expertise:

George is a career banker, general manager and accountant with extensive experience and skills in product management, financial and management accounting and reporting, and project and human resources management.

Linnet Kudzai Zvoushe

General Member

Background / Expertise:

Linnet Kudzai Zvoushe holds a Sociology degree from the University of Zimbabwe and is pursuing her master’s in Population studies. 

Michelle Chic Gudo

Board Legal Advisor

Background / Expertise:

Michelle Chic Gudo is the Regional Advisor for Gender Equality, Disability and Social Inclusion for Strengthening Climate Resilience Project under the Oxfam Mekong Regional Water Governance Program.

Tamusathi Nigel Babvu

Board member

Background / Expertise:

Nigel is a qualified engineer in industrial, manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. 

Panashe Chandiwana

General member

Background / Expertise:

Panashe is a highly motivated individual with a strong passion for leadership and public speaking.

Miah Charlayne Tsinakwadi

Board member (NCC representative)


Background / Expertise:

Miah is a highly motivated individual with a strong passion for leadership.