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SAYWHAT is rolling out the Children’s Rights in Full (CRIF) Project in the 2 districts of Hopley and Epworth in Harare with funding from UNICEF. The CRIF Project is aimed at improving child protection systems in Zimbabwe through strengthening the post-trial psycho-social support and coordination of legal services providers in the selected districts. Under the proposed interventions by SAYWHAT the ultimate goal is to strengthen the systems and processes which are supposed to result in children living in a safe and more conducive environment which promotes their socio-economic growth and respect and promotion of their fundamental rights, freedoms and liberties within the confines of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.


The CRIF Project complement the work that is being done by rights based CSOs by organizing and mobilizing juvenal offenders in Hopley and Epworth and linking them to a centralized pool of legal service providers who will assist them in ascertaining their human rights. Through the CRIF Project, SAYWHAT is assisting children in the 2 districts of Hopley and Epworth to be able to be reintegrated as juvenile offenders into their families and developmental institutions such as schools, using the Human Rights Based Approach. The direct  post-trial psycho-social support to children as well as complementary community mobilization, coordination, documentation  function which  SAYWHAT will play  will be aimed at facilitating the smooth and coordinated provision of legal services, post-trial psycho-social support to children whilst ensuring that communities and the children living in these communities are empowered to be the key drivers of  processes that will lead to child-sensitive mind-sets and societal attitudes within these communities.