Girls Education Advocacy in the Region (GEAR) project seeks to ensure inclusive and equitable education systems for girls and young women in rural and farming communities of Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe through transnational education advocacy. The project will be implemented across the 3 countries from November 2021 to June 2024.

The broad approach employed by the project is to strengthen regional advocacy on the right to education by CSOs that directly work with adolescent girls and young women in rural and farming communities of the 3 countries. The project will resultantly lead to CSOs and communities holding their national governments accountable to global and regional frameworks on education such as SDG 4. Consequently, this will contribute towards addressing the challenges being faced by girls and young women in the rural and farming communities of the 3 countries.

The GEAR projects is designed to contribute to the operating component 3 of the Global Partnership for Education that seeks to create a stronger global and transnational enabling environment for national civil society advocacy and transparency efforts. By design the GEAR project has a significant representation of indigenous young people of Sothern Africa in the core members of the GEAR alliance and this represents a unique opportunity to amplify youth voices in transnational education advocacy by SADC CSOs.

The targeted results will be achieved through the following initiatives;

  1. Strengthening the capacities of CSOs from Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe to utilize and review processes on binding transnational frameworks on the right to education
  2. Supporting in-country collaborations by CSOs to demand government accountability on the right to education using their commitment to progressive education frameworks
  3. Supporting participation by CSOs in the review cycles of progressive educational frameworks
  4. Supporting CSOs linking and learning on transnational education advocacy


The Consultancy is looking to recruit a short term consultant, a creative writer and a communicator with outstanding training skills to train the GEAR Alliance Members on Creative Writing and Documentation. The training will enhance the writing and documentation skills of the GEAR Alliance Members and their Boundary Partners. 


The Creative Writing and Documentation Training seeks to develop and strengthen the GEAR Alliance’s creative writing and documentation skills in order to effectively share successes, best practices and experiences in education advocacy for girls in rural and farming communities


The consultant will train the GEAR Alliance members on Creative Writing and Documentation. The Consultant will develop and share training tools to be used to train other Boundary Partners. The consultant will further develop a training report. 


The consultant will conduct a 7-day training and use different tools to develop technical creative writing and documentation skills for the GEAR Alliance Members. The consultant shall also develop tools that can be used in the 3 GEAR Alliance countries based on the various contexts.


Description of Tasks Deliverables/Outputs Timeline
Inception Meeting Unpacking the TORs and expectations from the consultant and SAYWHAT1 Day
Preparation     of       Standard Training Content and Material The Consultant will develop training content and tools to assist the partners to participate.  2 Days
Facilitate a 2-Day Virtual TrainingFacilitate a Virtual Training of up to 25 participants in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. 2 Days
Training Report Prepare a training report using the following format Report format; Background Training objectives Participants’ profile Facilitator’s Profile Venue and Dates Proceedings Training Evaluation Lessons learnt and best practices Recommendations 10. AnnexesParticipants register Agenda Training Evaluation Training materials (English)2 Days

DURATION OF CONSULTANCY WORK                                            

The consultant is expected to finish their work in 7 Working Days from the agreed date to be captured in the contract.  All Reports and training tools used are to be submitted within the 7-day period as captured in the contract. 


  • Specific knowledge of Writing, Reporting and Creative Writing must be proven;
  • Knowledge on Education Advocacy in Southern Africa and ability to recognize the various prevailing contexts in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. 
  • University degree in Journalism, Communication or Public Relations or specialized area such as creative writing or related fields; 
  • Experience in training and development of content and tools and have proven work in SDGs and previous consultancy work done;
  • Demonstrable evidence of similar work undertaken previously supported by one work sample which is not more than 5 years;


 Participated in the development and submission of quality Creative Writing Documents, Reports and Work.


  • The consultant will work closely and will be supervised by the SAYWHAT Deputy Director to ensure the training is comprehensive and the finalization of all materials and reporting. 
  • The Consultant will report to SAYWHAT Deputy Director. 
  • The Consultant will be responsible for own overheads and logistical requirements.
  • All deliverables will be prepared in English. 


  • The Call is open to Consultants with the right expertise and capacity to conduct the training; 
  • Interested Consultants to submit technical and financial proposals separately via email to no later than the 8th of October 2022.

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