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Reseach Indaba

November 25, 2022

THEME:  Promoting evidence-based advocacy on education and heath rights

SAYWHAT conducted a conceptualization research indaba in 2019 in Harare. The main objective of this conceptualization meeting was to come up with a clear road map and the ideal model for the emerging research unit. Pursuant to its mandate, the SAYWHAT Research Unit 2021 recruited 10 students who produced papers on different research areas. Further, in 2022 the Unit hosted a regional research indaba in Malawi in partnership with Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) during the 4th edition of the Southern Africa Regional Students and Youth Conference (SARSYC). A call for abstracts was made and young people from the region expressed interest to be part of the Indaba. Ten abstracts were selected for presentation during the regional research indaba. Ongoing work is being done to assist young researchers to publish their research in collaboration with SAYWHAT.

Following the Research indaba held in Malawi, the SAYWHAT Research Unit intends to host yet another symposium in Zimbabwe where the indaba is to give a 360-degree analysis of the SRHR issues affecting young people in Southern Africa. The expected outcome of the indaba is publishable research papers, advocacy, policy briefs, and information tools. The indaba comes in the aftermath of SAYWHAT’s sponsored research by 30 students from around Zimbabwe’s tertiary institutions. The research program is expected to spread over a period of 4 years starting in 2022. The cardinal aim of the program is to develop and promote evidence-based solutions to issues affecting young people in Zimbabwe and the region. In the current year, 30 students (research fellows) from around tertiary institutions in Zimbabwe were sponsored to cover the following thematic areas; sexual and reproductive health (SRH), drug and substance abuse, gender-based violence (GBV), sexual harassment (SH) and Inclusion, and mental health. The research indaba presents a platform for the research fellows to disseminate their research findings. One of the hanging fruits of the indaba is that young people will have an invaluable opportunity to interact and network with scientists and diverse professionals from both government and non-governmental entities.

Research Indaba Objectives

The main objectives of the research indaba are as follows

  • To disseminate research findings by the SAYWHAT research fellows.
  • To build the capacity of aspiring young people in key aspects of academic life and research for scientific researchers to engage each other on SRHR cutting issues
  • To develop and promote evidence-based solutions to issues affecting young people in Zimbabwe.

Expected Outcomes

  • Publishable research papers, advocacy, policy briefs, and information tools.
  • A road map on how project results and research findings can be systematically used in designing new projects influencing SRH-related policies and practices.


The following is a comprehensive (but not limited to) list of potential participants in the indaba.

  • Funding agencies
  • Deans of students
  • Representative from the government
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) with a research background
  • Organizations and agencies working on SRHR
  • Academia and researchers
  • SAYWHAT Board Members
  • SAYWHAT Research Unit Alumni
  • SAYWHAT National Coordinating Committee Members
  • SAYWHAT SRH Defenders
  • SAYWHAT TB Champions


November 25, 2022

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