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Youth Access

Youth Access project is funded by the Hivos. The project span is from July 2019 – December 2019. This project focuses on young people and covers Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi.


LHACAW project is funded by United States Embassy. The project span is from September 2019 – September 2020. This project focuses on students in Masvingo at 6 Institutions.

National Youth Programme

National Youth
Programme project is funded by NAC. The project span is from January 2019 – December 2019. The project beneficiaries are students in Zimbabwe.


SPOTLIGHT is funded by UNFPA. The project span is from January 2019 – December 2020. Project beneficiaries are students and is running in 10 Tertiary Institutions.

For Students By Students With Students


The year 2019 had a programming portfolio with the majority of projects being a continuation of interventions from the past year. Given that the majority of projects were a continuation from the previous year, common teething challenges such as delays in disbursement of funds, red tape in organisation inception meetings as well as establishing rapport were not experienced.

The programming portfolio comprised of 3 categories of projects. During the reporting year there were SAYWHAT exclusively administered projects which are REAPS, LEAD, Spotlight, Action
for Choice, Zim Top, LHACAW, and Youth Access Project. The second category of projects were consortium oriented projects namely Right Here Right Now and SASA! Together.

The third category of projects are government led projects under which the National Youth Programme in Tertiary Institutions supported by NAC is implemented.

The programming portfolio for the year is similar to previous year in several aspects such as the number of total running projects, coverage of the projects as well as the life span.

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