Peer Educators Network invade UZ with safe sex gospel.

Students And Youth Working on reproductive Health Action Team (SAYWHAT) Peers Educators Network this week hosted a safe sex campaign at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) targeting students to in a bid to raise awareness on the condom use. 

This campaign was supported by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and Population Services Zimbabwe (PSZ) with a particular focus on condom use.

Drug and substance abuse was also discussed as one of the drivers of unprotect sexual sprees which exposes students to a range of Sexual Transmitted Infection (STIs) and HIV.

Sexual and Reproductive Violence was also placed on the topic of discussion during the event which took place at the NC3 hostel at UZ.

Students, most of whom will be in the experimental phases of their sexual lives, were given critical lessons on what constitutes consent and why it is important for there to be consent.

Attendees were frank in their questions and the environmental was non-judgmental, as conversations were punctuated with humour.

Students were asked to contribute to the discussion, giving reasons on why it is important for there to be easily accessible contraceptives and why it is important for those still in learning institutions to use it correctly.

Among the major reasons raised by students is the fact that having children before gaining solid financial stability can result in social problems.

These insights were shared after a radio listening session, where key lessons were shared through edutainment content prepared by SAYWHAT.

Peer educators urged those in attendance to seek assistance whenever they feel the going has gone tough.

Students were also reminded of #577, which is the SAYWHAT toll free available for students in their times of need.

Universities due to their high concentration of young people are apt spaces for conversation around safe sex.

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