SAYWHAT Membership

Terms and conditions to SAYWHAT Membership

• Membership is granted upon payment of $1 registration fee.
• Members to complete a payment of $10 per academic year.
• Subscribed members shall elect or be elected into the Local Coordinating Committee at college level
• Subscribed members shall mobilize the general student population during SAYWHAT activities
• Members shall represent the values and principle of the organisation including abiding by SAYWHAT terms and
conditions or any governing documents.
• Members shall be ambassadors of SAYWHAT in advocacy programmes.
• No member shall have the right to SAYWHAT property and Assets by virtue of membership.
• Subscribed members shall be invited to participate during the Annual General Meeting
• Participation in other SAYWHAT organized activities shall prioritize fully subscribed members
• SAYWHAT reserves the right to expel or suspend members who breach any of its terms and conditions or any governing

Membership Institutions

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