SAYWHAT is a membership-based public health social movement organisation (PHSMO) with the express ambition to contribute to the existence of a generation of healthy young people in Zimbabwe and the SADC region. Its programming efforts have been primarily led by student structures (Local Coordinating Committees, Provincial Coordinating Committees, and National Coordinating Committee) to promote the health and well-being of adolescents and youth through capacity development, service provision, information dissemination and advocacy. The organisation is inclined to social behavioral change communication models which argue that young people can make informed health choices if they are provided with age appropriate, scientifically proven and cultural sensitive sexuality information and education.

SAYWHAT is a membership based movement for young people. The organization envisions a generation of healthy young people. Since inception in 2003, the organization has been on a growth trajectory which harnesses the creativity and innovation of young people. One important such innovation has been the immense potential in strengthening the capacity of young people to articulate their unmet SRHR needs.

SAYWHAT Membership is open to Students in Tertiary Institutions. To become a member send a whatsapp message to  +263 782702886

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