SAYWHAT is a membership-based public health social movement organization (PHSMO), founded in 2003 with the express ambition of fostering the development of a youthful, empowered, healthy generation of young people in Africa. Broadly, SAYWHAT’s strategic approach to programming is centered on creating viable synergies and Partnerships with health service providers, health Information generation and sharing, Capacity building, Support provision, and Advocacy (PICSA).


SAYWHAT’s work primarily targets young people (children, students, and out-of-school youth) at local, national, and regional levels, as is spelled out by its vision: Generations of healthy and empowered young people (students, youth, adolescents, and children) across Africa.


SAYWHAT`s work revolves around 42 tertiary institutions, mainly universities, polytechnics, teacher training colleges, agriculture colleges, industrial training centers, and vocational training centers. As a result, our community outreach programs allow the organization to reach out to out-of-school youth in their communities.