Studio of Choice brings a turnaround on SRHR advocacy work

The ‘Studio of Choice,’ a home of art and creativity that allows students and young people to advance their sexual and reproductive health rights through audio and visual content productions, has been established at SAYWHAT through the support of the Embassy of Sweden in Zimbabwe.

Sweden has a long history of supporting human rights including young people’s sexual and reproductive health rights as well as championing feminism across the globe.
Speaking during the official launch of the Studio of Choice last November, the Embassy of Sweden Deputy Head of Mission and Head of Development Cooperation Berthollet Kaboru said the Studio of Choice should by and large amplify young people’s voices.

“My hope is to see this studio specifically being used to amplify the young people’s voices, their demands and their tenets,” Kaboru said. “Sweden believes that it is only by empowering the young people that our today and our tomorrow can have sustainable development gains.”
Kaboru added: “Sweden’s efforts are to contribute to ensuring that every young people has access to the health care information and education that is right for them.”

SAYWHAT has been over the years bearing the costs of hiring out spaces for its productions something that came with inconveniences.
The advent of Covid19 a couple of years ago had its own toll as it required virtual programming which is now possible with the Studio of Choice in existence.
The students and the young people could not hold back their gratitude to the Embassy of Sweden for the support towards the Studio of Choice to which they have committed to use to advance their rights.

“We now have our own home. Our own school of art that does not only accommodate our aspirations, but also develop, nurture and shape them. The sexual and reproductive health agenda from us the young people, will never be the same,” said Laura George while giving her vote of thanks during the official opening of the Studio of Choice.
George is a student and a peer educator at Harare Institute of Technology (HIT).
She added: “We will use this facility to increase healthy seeking behavior agency amongst ourselves through various productions that are already lined up in the ‘Studio of Choice.’

“We are going to mobilise, educate and motivate our peers at school and in communities beyond the Zimbabwean borders.”
The ‘Studio of Choice’ facility brings a as established through the support from the Embassy of Sweden in Zimbabwe to afford students and young people a conducive space to advance their sexual and reproductive health rights through art and creative virtual productions.


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